• Lean Consulting and Continuous Improvement


    …transferring our Lean skills and knowledge at all levels within organisations from the front line to the top team so that our clients can run, develop and lead their own operational improvement programmes.

  • Lean in the Public Sector

    Lean in the Public Sector

    LT Consulting focus on Lean training and development activities for Leadership, Management, Process and People in the public sector to ensure engagement at all levels to ensure the challenges of meeting their customers’ wide range of demands and high expectations, whilst keeping a tight rein on resources, are met.

  • Lean in the Private Sector

    Lean in the Private Sector

    LT Consulting have been working globally with a wide range of Private Sector organisations and achieved extremely high levels of customer satisfaction, with documented, vastly improved levels of productivity and profitability through ensuring that the change is led effectively and people develop through the process.

  • Lean in the Healthcare Sector

    Lean in the Healthcare Sector

    By partnering to challenge traditional ways of working, we are confident that LT Consulting can help Healthcare organisations improve the level of patient care and at the same time positively respond to the cost pressures that will be inevitably caused by the future reductions in Healthcare funding.

Pete Gillett – Formerly Director of Resources, Gloucester City Council: “Working with LT has been an important part of our ongoing desire to improve efficiency at the Council and having delivered both cashable savings and process improvements it has importantly freed up valuable resources and capacity to focus on further improvement work.”     Bryan Healy - Head of Risks, Birmingham Children’s Hospital: “I found it exciting being exposed to a different perspective on the way that we work. I now look back and cringe at how accepting we were of inefficient, wasteful and bad processes.”     Bernard Lanigan – Former Head of Assessments, Personalisation and OT Services, Haringey Council: “Recently, LT Consulting has been working with Haringey’s Adult Social Care Team utilising Lean where remarkable results have been achieved and the positive attitude of staff during difficult times has been amazing.”    Karen Rowing – Head of OD, Haringey Council: “Those results are amazing, phenomenal. Lots of achievement and lots of success that is so visible and tangible and I think the behaviour is right here in this room, the culture is right here in this room. It’s all about how we behave with one another that determines the culture. If we talk about and demonstrate how this work has enabled us and helped, then that filters down, changing the culture further.”    Kevin Crompton, Formerly Chief Executive Haringey Council: “I am delighted to see...how a lean approach can add great value to our search for better and more efficient ways of working”    Anne Plummer, Formerly Corporate Director Education & Children's Services at Solihull MBC: "Stuart Fisher and his team worked alongside our Fostering Team giving them the techniques and confidence to not only improve, but also sustain their valuable service to the community."    Deb Conklin, Operations Adviser at Texas Pacific Group: "It is TPG's opinion that Biomet UK, partnered with LT, has done the best job in our UK/European portfolio in their lean journey. We appreciate you working with Nils, one of our European TPG Operations leads, in sharing your successes and your journey".
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Welcome to LT Consulting

Our experience and knowledge of Lean consulting process throughout all organisations to achieve transformation, continuous improvement and operational excellence, puts us at the forefront of change management and Lean consulting.

Based in the Midlands we are passionate about contributing to the transformation of peoples’ lives. We partner with organisations throughout the Lean consulting, training and transformation process; working with and through people using our unique approach to leadership development, executive support, engagement and culture change. Emotionally Intelligent Lean (EQLeanTM) brings your team together to develop better services and processes using the same or less resources. We use clients’ specialist experience and our own expertise to find better ways of doing things to improve customer experiences by raising levels of safety, quality, delivery and reducing cost.

Our consulting aim is to make our customers self-reliant. We do this by Lean training and consulting, transferring our Lean skills and knowledge at all levels within organisations from the front line to the top team; so that clients can run, develop and lead their own operational improvement programmes.

LT Consulting in the Media

Learn about the work of LT Consulting in the public sector in this video shown as part of the BBC Politics Show, introduced by Phil Mayhew, Director of Business Transformation, Solihull Council.